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Policy on Induction of a new Director


The induction process for a new charity director should involve the provision of an induction pack, a meeting with the existing charity trustees and the chairperson and manager. A tour of the premises should also be arranged within a few weeks of induction.

Key documents to be provided

Each charity trustee should be provided with an induction pack. Documents to include in the induction pack are as follows:

  1. A letter of welcome (from the Chairperson);
  2. The charity’s governing document (Constitution)
  3. The charity’s Code of Conduct for directors (The Board-Responsibilities & Duties)
  4. A list of current directors - plus the chairperson, the secretary and their contact details
  5. The annual report and accounts for the past two years
  6. The minutes of our last board meeting
  7. Date & time of next board meeting and frequency of meetings
  8. The conflict of interest/loyalty policy.
  9. The conflict of interest/loyalty declaration form
  10. A list of all company policies and an indication of where they can be obtained
  11. The Charities Governance Code.
  12. Details of the guidance documents available on the Charity Regulator’s website (charitiesregulaotor.ie - sitemap)

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